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Run anytime you want!

The Maui Paradise Marathon & Aloha Half Malf Marathon are unique events where you can either use one of the courses we have posted on the website, modify it to fit your needs (such as starting/finishing at your hotel along the course), or creating your own using your GPS to cover the distance. There is no official date or time or location to do one of the events. You can do this any day, anytime, anywhere.

It is with deep regret that we announce thet Jerry Levey, the race founder and inspiration, has passed away in early April. This race and its unique concept was Jerry's baby. Because of this, the race will be retired but we still encourage any visitors or locals to Maui, to run the Marathon or Half Marathon in honor of Jerry, at any time.


Jerry's Family and Friends

If you have any outstanding issues related to the event, please contact Jerry's family at this email address.

Also if you have recently registered for the event please contact us for information regarding your refund.

Running the Marathon or Half Marathon distances on Maui is Not For Novices. With the hills and heat the runs are for experienced runners plus you have to carry your own fluids, gels, etc. There will be no aid stations. See the Courses tab for a description of some courses.

You can start whenever you want on any day you want though we advise an early morning start probably not later than 0600 to avoid the increase in heat as the sun comes up. You have to run by the rules of the road. This means along the side of the road, sidewalks, etc. There is no traffic control, you cannot run in the middle of the road, if you come to a red light you need to stop (you do not have the right of way.) Consider it the same rules you use when doing your workouts and have to use the same precautions.

Holo Kohola TM

Maui Visitors Bureau